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March 28, 1998

You know I love it! :-D I look foward to each chapter. Best of luck to an imaginative writer!!!!

Thanks Jules for the compliments. However, I should be thanking you, since you are one of the ones that inspired me to write the book at all. ....Craig

blood red rose
March 31, 1998

I want to know about the names in the story. You've told me where the name Lysinthia comes from and I have an idea about some of the others, but I want more! Will you tell?

I assume you're talking about the names for the companions. The names that I had initially for the companions are, in some cases, not the same ones that I started with. When I began creating names, I was looking for a name that sounded like a character's personality. It's a bit tricky to explain, but I'll try. The druid, Dealyon. His name was initially Pendion, and then shifted to Dendian, but I didn't feel either of them captured the mysteriousness of the character, so I changed it further to Dealyon. (And no, it had nothing to do with Jeremy's last name, which I didn't know.)
As for the last names, if you'll notice in the Glossary, every person who came from Two Sands initially has a last name of two natural events or objects linked together. Similar to Native American names, but much more fantastical. It was a regional thing for residents in Two Sands. The other last names I just made up. Quillion's is an Elven last name. ....Craig

April 1, 1998

I didn't know Quill-boy was 87! Why is he and Dealyon so much older than the rest of us? When did the companions last travel together - I forgot. The number popping up in my mind is ten years ago... so last time we were together was when most of us were in their late teens, early twenties?

Quillion is actually older than 87 years. That's just how long he has been adventuring. As for the age discrepancy between Dealyon and him vs. the rest of the companions, Quillion is 1/2 Elven, and Elves have an extremely long life span, ranging in the thousands of years sometimes. Half-elves typically have a life span of about 250-300 years. Dealyon has been around for about 50 years or so. The druids have a closely guarded secret that they are able to live much longer than normal beings of their race. This is not common knowledge as druids are solitary by nature.
In answer to your other question, before the start of the book, it had been 6 years since the companions had last been together, when they were in their mid twenties. ....Craig

April 8, 1998

Well I finally got to read chapter 13...And dammit you know how I feel about the story. IT KICKS ASS. As I said before it's rare for me to read anything that doesn't have pictures...hehehehe.. you know turn-ons, favorite foods..etc but this story and the AICEFF stuff is something I truly look forward to...I can't wait for the next chapter...Keep up the great work Craig.
And to ligeia...You've done an outstanding job on this website.. Both of you KICK ASS..hehehe
take care
Gordon aka Malaryn aka Immortal Sin

Hey Gordon, Thanks for the compliment. It's nice to know I can keep your attention locked with this story. If you really want, though, I can give my turn-ons, and fave foods in my bio. I refuse to do full frontal nudity, however, without a lot of air brushing and full rights to the calendar! yuk yuk. Thanks for the inspiration, Gordon. ....Craig
Thanks Mal! Your compliments are always appreciated! ligeia

May 4, 1998

Woo Hooo!! Chapter 14 was EXCELLENT!! Worth the wait! The story just keeps getting better and better Craig!!

Hey Pixie! Thanks for your compliment. I'm always glad I can have you guys around to read the latest and greatest chapters. Give Scintara my regards. Ha! ....Craig

May 6, 1998

Well what can I say.....Chapter 14 Rocked....just finished it love it love it...glad to hear you're takin sometime off... Rest them bones
Take care

Thanks for the well wishes, Immortal. Keep on readin', cause things get more interesting all the time. ....Craig

May 18, 1998

One of the things that strikes me most about this piece of work in progress is that through the course of writing it you have been developing your 'writing style'. Having majored in Literary Arts in college this was one of the areas I studied. This has added a level of interest above the storyline itself. The one drawback I would see to this is the rewrites that will be necessary (something I have always loathed personally) if you intend to eventually publish this. Which I hope you will.

Hi Antithesis!
You are absolutely correct in your assessment. The differences are pretty obvious, especially in comparison of chapters 1-4 vs. the rest of the novel. Chapter 1 more so than most. This was not originally intended to be a book, but just another short story, but things never work out the way we intend, do they? Hmmmm, short story to trilogy in the step of a couple of chapters. Yeah, I can see that. yuk yuk.
Have no fear, the re-writes have already begun. Due to help from many friends of mine, I've removed most of the offensive (grammatically speaking) stuff and have begun the arduous process of maintaining integrity throughout the series using a multitude of notes. However, I'm not gonna worry a great deal about replacing the dated stuff on the 'net until I get more of the story written. Onward and upward!
As for publishing, that's the plan, but there's still a lot of story to go! Thanks for reading. ....Craig

June 30, 1998

Yeah, I have a few questions for ya...
Melgin, the Rentre's son, he wasn't killed was he? He knows who killed his folks doesn't he? Or had he snuck out of the house?
There's a huge gap in the story, I'm hoping you're gonna fill in the blanks. In chapter 13, Preosha was bleeding from the ears because of the force of Quillion's spell, and she, Mal and Quillion were teleported to Lys by Thimellan. And last chapter, 14, has her and Ephirea overseeing the disarming of the Knights. Have I missed something here?
And why do you keep italicizing "Yerracht"?
Is the future set in stone here, in this world? Are Aramari's visions a set and true path? So are you hinting that Mal and Lys will both die? Will they be part of those who are resurrected? Or is that already a happening thing?

About Melgin. I won't say whether he is or isn't alive, but I will say this. If he is alive, he's got a major part later in the series. yuk yuk. As for whether he knows who killed his folks? He did not physically see his parents get killed. So he could not have known for sure.
About Preosha. There is a loop in the story line there, but the next chapter will fill in some of the aforementioned holes in the plot. There's a reason she was up and (more or less) healthy.
I italicize Yerracht because it is a word in a foreign language different than what the humans speak. All foreign words are italicized, like trieghe, etc...
The future is pretty set. Aramari's prophecy can mean many things for Mal and Lys. Not necessarily death. I won't say anything about those who will come again, though. That would definitely give too much away.

you know...
June 30, 1998

Chapter 15 was REALLY excellent!! I do have one question though....Are Lysinthia and Quillion EVER gonna get together?? Or back together if I'm remembering the beginning of the story correctly...heheheh
Is there going to be any romance in this?? Or was the short little bit about the priests in Chap. 15 the extent of the romance in this story??..heheheeh Just curious....
And looking forward to chapter 16 NOW!!...

Hey Pix,
Thanks for the accolades. (<--- big word) Hmmm, looks like love is in the air for this question. My answer is, as it usually is, read on! Of course, then you're saying "then write more dammit!", but I won't give away anything as big as a possible romance. I will say this however, there will be at least 3 different romantic angles in the story. Do a quick scan back thru the story thus far and you'll see allusions to them.
BTW, Quillion and Lysinthia were an item back about the time the companions broke up, but you already knew that didn't ya?
Looking forward to chapter 16? Me too. yuk yuk. ....Craig

June 30, 1998

Hey! Are we ever going to find out what Malaryn's "immortal sin" was?
Lookin good, babe!

Hello dere Ell,
Yes! The much anticipated revealing of Malaryn's immortal sin will be held somewhere about 3/4 of the way thru book 1. It's gonna happen during a very trying time in Malaryn's life too.
Thanks for reading. Later! ....Craig

me again
July 1, 1998
Hey Craig!

Any plans for a glossary of spells, or a spell casting section somehow? I think that would be so cool, since you've started giving certain "spells" names, like in chapter 15, when you mentioned that Tersiano could cast a "Locating" in regards to finding out where Aramari was. What say you?

Hey there me again,
Hmmm. A glossary of spells. Whattanidea! Actually, I don't have one right now, but it is something I might pursue in the future. So, you've noticed the difference in the way I've referred to spells, huh? I was wondering if anyone would catch that. Yes, I'm adding a level of complexity to the spell casting that wasn't there earlier in the story. What I mean by that is that it will require a combination of natural strength, skill, force of will, and experience to be able to cast the more powerful spells. I'm approaching the magical aspect of this world a bit differently than any Fantasy story I've read yet, but I've only hit the tip of the iceberg thus far. Keep readin'. ....Craig

July 1, 1998
Hey Craig,

OOOOOOOh my.....just checkin out the comments...looks like I'm in for a rough time...heheheh...oh well...I cant wait... Loved chap.15.....KICKS ASS...keep up the great work!!!!

Hey Malaryn,
Yes, there will be many things that are going to happen to Malaryn during the couse of the story. The foremost happening in this book. Yet another life changing event.
Thanks for the compliment! Keep readin' ....Craig

July 1, 1998

Hey Ibby! Great job as usual. I'm psyched to read about the Companions' reunion in the next chapter. I have a question though - you don't have to answer though if you really want to keep it a secret. ;-) My question is, do you think you will "kill off" any of the companions at any point?
Keep up the excellent work!

Greetings Juleroonie,
Hmmm. This is a question I've been hit with a lot lately. It seems to me that no real good story of life can go on without death being introduced at some point. That's the way life is. Sometimes it can be introduced in the first book of a series, sometimes after.
Cryptic enough for ya? Thanks for readin' ....Craig

the same as it ever was
July 3, 1998

Well Craig, since I already asked you all my questions for the moment, I suppose it's time for some compliments! lol!
Maybe I just feel this way cuz it's been so long, but this (chapter 15) is one of the better chapters by far. Even in terms of writing, you've done an exceptional job. You really seem to be finding a nice comfortable little (or big? lol!) niche with your writing style. I am completely hooked, as you well know!
Thanks beloved author!! lol!

Aw shucks. yuk yuk. Now I'm getting all squishy inside. You are right in the fact that I'm finding a more comfortable style. We'll just have to see how it mutates from here 'til the end of the series. 'Course, the more it mutates, the more rewrites will have to be done. Aaaauuuuggghhh! yuk yuk. Thanks for readin'. ....Craig

July 24, 1998

The last time I gave you a comment on one of your chapters I mentioned how much you had improved through the chapters but I couldn't quite place my finger on what the main difference was. Back when I first started posting on the board you and I had a little disagreement of opinion on what constituted being a writer. You preferred to consider yourself a storyteller while I called you a writer. While reading chapter 15 I realized that you are finally writing with the "voice" of a storyteller. I noticed only a couple of instances where you slipped and made an "authorial" comment. I commend your improvment and make note that you have come a long way since that start. Do you feel more like a "writer" these days?
But I am not done yet. At one point near the end of chapter 15 you mention that the streets don't normally become deserted until 2-3 hours after dark. But go on to say that it is only been dark for a couple of hours. Would that not have explained why the streets were nearly deserted? I know... picky, picky, picky. Shoot me.

Hey there Antithesis,
Yup, I remember the argument between writer/storyteller well. I still consider myself a storyteller and not a writer, because I feel I'm better at setting the "feel" of events as opposed to a technically proficient author.
The "voice" of a storyteller, huh? Does that mean I sound like James Earl Jones? yuk yuk. Yes, just when I thought I was developing a style, I change it again. I am trying to get the personalities of the characters through in the telling, but I do still revert back to narration every now and then. Not intentionally, mind you.
As for the darkness issue... whoops! yuk yuk. Keep readin'. ...Craig

July 25, 1998

WOW....I don't know what else to say!! What a great chapter Craig!!!! And romance is in the air!! Wooo hooo! heheheh... This chapter seems more descriptive to me for some reason....I could actually *see* things in much greater detail. Maybe it's just because I feel I know the people in the story personally, not sure, but just reading along I really felt like I was *there*!! Once again... EXCELLENT JOB cowboy!!

Hey there Suz,
So, I take it you liked the chapter. yuk yuk. I agree with you on the description in the chapter. I put a bit more effort in describing more things in the chapter, but with less words to do it in. That way people wouldn't get bogged down in details that don't matter. Ya know? Trying to put the reader into the characters' heads w/o giving everything away. Looks like I'm getting closer to the mark. Thanks for the compliments and keep readin'! ....Craig

Jeep Girl
July 29, 1998

Just figured I would make some public comment considering making the private ones is never quite as exhibitionistic, (six syllables, that qualifies for a $75 word). Anyway, you know I think that your writing is improving with every chapter, but I was wondering, what sparked this creative outlet since it seems to have burst into existence from some netherworld of your performance-based being? If you give me a flippant answer here you know I will just hound you in person.

Hey Jeep-Girl,
Ooooh, I feel so chastened. The primary impetus for my latest emergence of creative output remains quite the allegory as it pertains to the assemblage of deranged dispositions that populate the Ibidis Mortem Bulletin Board. (There's quite the flurry of $5 words, enough to make $75, I'm sure.)
The story began in the hey-days of iMusic when there were few enough people traipsing about the area, and easily 1/20 of the boards. One of the personalities in question posted a photo of herself on the WWW, allowing the rest of us a grand opportunity to remove imagined images for her from our minds. She just so happened to be wearing a slathering of iridescent lipstick that burned the retinas from our eyes. Well, an opportunity such as that could not be resisted, so I gave parturition to a horror-spawned short story about walking into a home and preparing for bed and happening upon a glowing set of lips.
The story got a response from the board, and soon after the first true short story appeared, and then shortly thereafter the Ib Mo board sprang into our realm. The rest is writing history.... or something. Basically, writing is just my way of performing without the audience being there.
Thanks for all your help. Keep readin'. ....Craig

happy hippie chick
August 20, 1998
hey there mr. author dude,

I have a question about this little remark you made in chapter 16 concerning cats. So I quote "Rumors of infighting between the Knights, of the many mistresses of General Alshien, of the heat causing a shortage of cats in the city, and various other tales, traveled from one pair of lips to another with the speed of the wind." So what's up with that, hmmm? What do cats have to do with anything? How can the heat cause a shortage of cats in the city? Are they being eaten or something?? Giant rats maybe? lol!
As always, it's great stuff you got going on there Craig, thanks for telling the tale!

Hey there hippie,
It's nice to know I've some hippies reading the story. Makes my life worthwhile. yuk yuk. Hmmmm, you've got a thing about the disappearance of cats, huh? Did I hit a sensitive spot? Ha!
Well here's the skinny. The increase of heat is most unusual for this story's duration thus far, as in the cooler weather should have long since come. With the unnatural heat also comes an unnatural creature or two to cause mayhem and havoc for our heroes. One of these has already been introduced in the story. The other has not. I won't say which, but one of these creatures is responsible for the cat population decline. Since cats are one of the more sensitive animals, they are generally wiped out so they cannot betray the creature's presence. Well, that's about as far as I'm going with that. Thanks for readin'. ....Craig

Lawrence Wilson
August 23, 1998

We were wondering if you would like to have portions of your work posted on the Fantasy Writer's Outlet. Fantasy/Sciencefiction writers can submit works and in return receive critiques via the messageboard, rating polls, emails, ICQ, and even a future chatroom. Also, all FWO writers will receive an award they can place on their site for contributing. The award will say: "The Fantasy Writer Outlet's Story Pick." We hope you can help us by contributing. If you are interested, please email us. Thank you.

Hey there Lawrence,
Thanks for the invitation to post some of my work up on your page. Since this is still a work in progress, extra feedback is always encouraged to make it a better story overall. I've still some re-writing to finish to the first few chapters, but as soon as I finish them, I'll be more than happy to submit the work to the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune. Thanks for readin'. ....Craig

October 14, 1998

As you requested here are my thoughts posted for the world to see. I love the story. I just finished Chapter 16 and if Chapter 17 doesn't arrive soon I might have to kill myself. Keep up the good work and I'm begging you, do not force Scintara to settle down and stay in Haven.
That is all my friend.
Rhonda ;)

Hello dere Rhonda,
Thanks for the compliments about the story and the added pressure of your life to getting out the next chapter. I thrive on the challenge. yuk yuk. As for Scintara staying in Haven, I find it safe to say that Haven would be a bit too confining for such a world traveler as she... for now, anyway.
Keep readin! ....Craig

Mona Lisa
October 20, 1998

I found your comments and observations regarding the colors chartreuse and dark mauve (in Chapter Five) to be quite interesting. As a child, I had a violent reaction to the color chartreuse. It made me physically ill. You could even say it, "struck terror," in my heart; and I could not understand how anyone could possibly like it. Yet it seemed to be everywhere (late 60's, early 70's). And there's a certain shade of deep mauve that used to give me "sick" headaches just looking at it. However, somewhere along the way, I made peace with these seeming atrocities (I think being a painter has helped).
Anyway, I've often wondered if the source of my discomfort might not be reincarnational in nature. How about you? Do you have any idea where your aversion to them comes from?
I also think several of your other observations and comments are quite interesting and profound. Would you care to hear more?

Greetings and salutations Mona Lisa,
Sorry to have brought back such horrible childhood memories for ya. yuk yuk. I guess I succeeded in getting an emotional response from you, though.
I don't have an aversion to any colors that I know of. Actually, the fact that I'm red-green and blue-green color blind prevents me from differentiating many colors anyway. I describe the response I see many people around me having to the affore-mentioned colors. I may not be able to see 'em, but I do know what colors don't go together. Ha! Reincarnational? Good word. Give ya the $5.00 prize.
I'm always willing to hear more comments and feedback. Keep 'em coming and thanks for readin'. ....Craig

October 20, 1998

How soon before Chapter 17 is done? It's not nice to keep a girl waiting, you know.

Hi there J,
Welcome to the ambiguous answer portion of the site. yuk yuk. So, ya wanna put me on a timetable by forcing me to name a date for chapter 17, eh? Well, after many failed attempts at keeping a release date for a chapter, I've given that up. The best I can say is that I have resumed work on this lil' piece of literature after a long time away, so it shan't be long now. tick..tick..tick
Me? Keep a girl waitin'? Pshaw! Thanks for readin'. ....Craig

October 27, 1998

I think Bartok the Bat said it best in Anastasia, "Wow, I mean, wow!" Chapter seventeen was enchanting and I can't wait until the next one comes out.

Hey Rhonda,
I've been linked in comparison to a long dead Russian princess. Cool. Thank you very much for the compliment about the latest chapter. After the long wait, I hope your viewpoint wasn't skewed. yuk yuk.
Thanks and keep readin'. ....Craig

October 27, 1998

Hi. Love the story. About the Rivanwraiths tho... do they have tough skin? Any powers other than psychic? Maybe firebreathing?
again... good story!

Hey there Jer,
I'm glad you love the story. Thanks for reading (Even though you get to read it before it gets posted. Shhh, I won't tell anyone).
Do the Rivanwraith's have tough skin? Do you mean insults won't hurt them? yuk yuk. I assume you mean physically tough, so I'll say yes, they do have pretty tough skin. A sword could penetrate it, but the wielder would have to be mighty strong.
They do have powers other then psychic as well, but they very rarely need to use 'em. Unfortunately, they don't breath fire. Sorry. There are creatures in Mer that do breath fire, though. Ooops! I said too much. That's for later in the story.
Keep readin, m'man! ....Craig

Mona Lisa
Oct 29, 1998
Well, Craigorium,

M.L. here, again, and I thought this name, Craigorium, to be an appropriate moniker for you since your stories are often rather gory. Hum?
Just wanted to say there's this little tick you seem to have, that in nature is literary and with which you frequently pepper your commentary, and it really tickles my "can't-say-wherey." Ha! (Just kidding 'bout that last bit -- the temptation to rhyme was just too much). However, I've been truly inspired by the possiblities this little tick affords. At first, I thought of:
How much wood would a wood yuk yuk, If a wood yuk could yuk wood? But that just seemed to "Goofy." Then, memories of a closing passage to a great and overwhelming epic came to me. This particular piece (though I still haven't read the epic) really "sent me" the first time I encountered it (@ approx. age 18). Hope it does the same for you:
". . . And then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yuk yuk and then he asked me would I yuk yuk to say yuk yuk... and first I put my arms around him yuk yuk and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yuk yuk and his heart was going like mad and yuk yuk I said yuk yuk I will Yuk Yuk." Gee, I think you might just have the real "tickings" of a literary genius. . . Seriously, I do -- all silliness aside. (And for me to put silliness aside, is quite a feat. Aye and for sure).
Actually, I think somewhere between your X-Files ditties and your grand and furious adventure lies a diamond in the yuk, yuk. Just continue to hone your craft and it ought to polish up nicely.

Well hello dere Mona Lisa,
Soooo, you think I'm too gory, eh? You definitely can't be referring to "Hero's Return", or you'd need to hang out with some of the ultra-conservative senatorial dudes and discuss family values or some such. I can only assume you're speaking of the AICEFF and other weird stories. Yup, they're a bit bloody, but that's a whole 'nother web site, so I won't get too far into those sorted tales.
I've got a little tick? Oh hell, someone get out the raid, we've got blood suckers around here! Oh, wait, you speak of my literary ticks. That's different. yuk yuk. Oops! There it is again!
Hmmm, that's quite the lil' literary selection you chose to post. All I can say, is there's a whole lotta yukin' going on 'round these here parts! Hmmm, yuking breasts. I don't think I've ever had that thought before. yuk yuk.
I thank you for your compliments about my writing. It's nice to know I could one day achieve geniushood. If I work hard, of course. yuk yuk.
A diamond in the yuk yuk? Can't say I've ever had a diamond there before. (and those things cut glass!)
Have no fear, m'dear. I will definitely be honing my craft... and my writing. In fact, I am now! yuk yuk.
Thanks for readin' ....Craig

Deep Thoughts
November 26, 1988

I got the update notice and rushed on over immediately. Well done my dear I am impressed. Unfortunately at the same time I am incredibly frustrated! So many loose ends Craig!!! How will I ever sleep at night? Ahh well, it is coming along great and I enjoyed this chapter as much as the others.

Hey there Deep Thinker,
I'm flattered that you rushed over. I hope you didn't have a cyber-wreck driving that fast. You like the cliffhanger do ya? he he. Well, loose ends are what bring people back to read the other chapters/books. As for the sleep thing... sorry about that, I know how much frustration can lead to lack of sleep... waitaminute! Are we still talking about the book here? Oh, all right.
Thanks for reading and I hope you don't hate me too much. ....Craig

November 28,1998
Hey Writing Man!

Great work once again on 17 and 18. I loved reading the sage's story, especially of his childhood. What I'm wondering is, will we hear more about the companions' past and upbringing and things along those lines? (Please tell me I haven't asked that question already, I remember wanting to but I'm not sure if I did!) I believe there was some reference to either Melina's or Epheria's childhood once (can't remember which, or which chapter,) and I also remember a reference to Aramari's father too. I know there were more and that was pretty cool! I know that I didn't ask this before, but are there going to be any juicy stories of past love affairs (I have a feeling we'll get some background in Lys and Quill's past together,and we do have a hint that Epheria's got a pretty wild past. ;-) Like, were any of them married or left behind or have left lovers behind... ("lovers behind..." huh huh...) Things of that nature?
My other question is about the tension between Melina and Epheria. Will we read if there is a source of that tension, or is it one of those "just one of those things" things? (Maybe I can say "thing" and "one" one more time before Iím finished... there I said "one" again... and again, doot doot... ;-D ) Okay I think that's enough outta me for now.
Again, thanks very much Craig and Ligeia... for making the internet a great deal of fun!
take care,

Well, if it ain't Juleseroonie,
Thanks again for the compliments. They are much appreciated, to be sure.
Ah, the delving into the sage's past brought up questions of the companions' past as well. Well, let me say that the history of the companions will surface slowly, but surely. There won't be total sections dedicated to it as there was with Oheniies, but it will be revealed bit by bit.
As for individual histories of our heroes, those will be more revealed in the next book as they begin to take on issues in smaller groups as opposed to as a unit. Each one of them will have a task to complete, and their histories will be revealed.... sort of.
Romance in the air is a hot topic among the companions right now,ain't it? Quillion's and Lysinthia's past will have a tumultuous revelation somewhere at the end of book one through the start of book two. Lots to deal with there.
There is a bit of history between Melina and Ephirea beyond their travels with the companions, and it will be revealed in book two. Part of their tension now is in their totally opposite personalities clashing in intense situations, which the companions can't seem to get rid of. he he.
Thanks for reading and I'm sure Ligeia will agree with me that we'll keep doing our part as long as you guys are around to see it all. ....Craig   (you betcha! and you're welcome jules, it's a pleasure to do this... ligeia)

February 5, 1999

Well, after reading the re-write of the first chapter my first impression is that you've managed a minor writing miracle. It now reads much smoother than before and I can see tie-ins for things that happen later being laid down. My one problem is the new opening sequence. Overall I like it, but I had trouble accepting some of it as feasible. I hate to suggest more rewrites but since this opening is in fact new you might consider once you've finished the rest of the book reworking this section. Quillion, as the leader, would be capable of much. I was left with the feeling that he was more lucky than worthy of having escaped. Emotionally, I don't think he could have walked away from his horse that easily either. Perhaps, you don't truly understand the connection people have with their animals so this is more difficult for you to write. (Traditionally in fantasy stories elven are very connected to nature and life in any form.) I believe he could do what was necessary to survive but allow him to feel it more. Well, there's my opinions anyway. Anything else I had questions or doubts about fall more under personal style (mine vs yours) and will be worked out between you and your future editor/publisher.

Hey Gina,
First off, thanks for the compliment. A minor writing miracle, eh? Well, that sounds like quite an accomplishment. To think I did it. Cool.
Yes, the first 2 chapters used to be pretty rough. In retrospect, it really amazed me that anyone ever made it through them. After re-writing the first three, I realize how much needs to be done to the rest, but that can all wait until I'm thru with the first draft. Then comes re-write hell.
As for Quillion's actions. I agree, the situation and resolution were improbable, and it was luck that saw Quillion through. His reaction, though, was justified in the fact that Quillion has an unflappable confidence when in tight situations like that, and even lucky maneuvers he accepts as his and continues on to the next step.
In this world, Elves are very emotional and a full-blood would have probably stayed with the horse to the exclusion of their own safety. Quillion has tried to beat down his Elven emotions in his rigid self control. Hence, his casual concern for the horse. This fact will be demonstrated further into the story.
Granted, I could toss in a sentence or two to explain these things, and I still might, but for now, I let it become part of the character expansion. When someone re-reads the story later, much would become clear.
Thanks again for reading, and I hope you continue to enjoy it. ....Craig

February 9, 1999

Great job on the revisions Ibby! I really like the extended character stuff. Reading it over made me realize how much I miss reading it. I have to say though, I wish I hadn't read the part where he killed his horse! That was really sad. Anyway, it's great work and I'm looking foward to reading chapter 19. See you on the BB!

Hey there Jules,
Thanks for the compliment on the new chapters 1-3. I really wanted to not only correct the bad writing job done there initially, but flesh out some of the details of the world as well. I changed a bit of the character interactions to fit with the way things have evolved as they were being written. I'm sure when the book is finished, I'll go back and change a bit more, but I'm not re-writing anything again until I'm done with the first draft.
I seem to have received a strong reaction from Quillion killing his horse.That just shows the dedication that he has in accomplishing the mission. Not tomention it shows how many animal lovers are reading the story. yuk yuk.
I have begun writing chapter 19, but I've hit a real world snag again that will delay it a bit. Hold tight, though. It will be done.
Keep reading. ....Craig

February 11, 1999

Just a couple of questions/comments on the chapter 2 re-write.
1) Why is only "in Two Sands could the various races of the continent meet, carouse, and drink together to forget their worries and troubles for a short time, barely giving a thought to the racial distrust that filled the rest of the world."? Just because of the nightlife? Or did I miss something?
2) "Carouse-seekers"? Artistic license or diction problem?
3) The description of Quillion's studies is much more engaging and not as pedantic. Yea!
4) And as always, I think your handling of dialog gives your characters personality and flows much as naturally speech would.
There. Done. Until next time.

Hey Jeep-Girl,
You've a few comments/questions? Then I have the answers.
1) Two Sands is the only city in the world with a relaxed enough atmosphere that the various races of Mer can come and mingle without fear of unfounded violence. It's almost as if the "rules" don't apply to it. That's primarily due to the city's three level structure that allows a bit of separation for lifestlyes and the way the city was founded, which will be unfolded later in the story.
2) Carouse-seekers. Artistic license, but odd enough to fit in with the character.
3) Thank you. I agreed with your earlier assessment, so I tailored it to be a bit easier to stare at.
4) Thanks again. If there's one thing I know how to do, it's talk. It appears that talent has spilled over into my writing as I'm attentive to how everyone speaks and I like to reproduce that in the tale.
Thanks again for your comments, and I look forward to the next set. ....Craig

March 11, 1999

I finally got around to reading all the comments - it seems that many people are wanting more romance. People why not just be honest? We Want Sex! Isn't that it? The truth? Who's with me? Anyway, I'm wondering when we are going to get to see more - of the story I mean.....

Well, hello there Ell,
Long time no see. heh heh. Man, with all of these people wanting sex, how could I possibly keep them satisfied? Hmmm. Well, romance will happen in the book, but it will happen in the way of the world, with people keeping their emotions guarded in a very 90's way. Ironic, isn't it, since this is set in a more medieval time?
As for when more of the story will be available? I can't give a deadline, but suffice it to say, I'm working on it. It's been a while since a new chapter has been released and I'm looking forward to it as much as you guys are.
Keep readin! ....Craig

July 2, 1999

Your book is great so far. It is almost disappointing that there are so few novels on the net, and that the majority of them aren't too good. I have to say that your story is the exception though. ;)

A warm hello to ya, Raven,
I certainly appreciate your compliments on the book as it stands thus far. It's been so long since I've been involved with it, it's a nice reminder that I still have some quality reasons to apply myself.
I agree, there aren't many on-line novels worth reading out there, but perhaps one day that will all change.
Thanks again, and keep readin'.....Craig

July 8, 1999

Ohhhh another edge of my seat chapter!! Good goin cowboy!! =) Although I did get a tad lost for a second there when Melina was having that dream/vision experience.. but I kept reading and it explained itself!! heheh
I have a question.. How many chapters do you have planned for this book? And how many books again are planned for this? (guess that was two questions, HA!) The name Hero's Return, Book One tends to lend the idea you have more in mind. heheh.. maybe you've already answered that.. but obviously that tid bit 'o information has left my brain. heheehe
Just hope when you finish this book that you don't pull a Stephen King with the Gunslinger series and make us wait SEVERAL years before getting to the next book and keep us just dangling. yuk yuk yuk ;^P
Anyhooo.. as always.. another wondermous chapter!! Thanks for the little reality escape!! NOW GET TO CHAPTER 20 DAMMIT!! heheh *hugz* =)

Hey Suz,
Glad to see ya back reading again.
Yup, dreams are hard to understand, whether you have 'em or write' em. Glad to see I didn't lose ya permanently.
In answer to your questions, I have approx. 40 chapters or so planned for this book. Then 2 more books to finish the series. I don't see the story in my head taking more than that.
Thanks for the compliments and chapter XX has already begun! Yee-ha!. ...Craig

August 12, 1999

I can only echo what other comments I've read .. the story is wonderful. At this point I've only read through Chapter X and am heading back next to continue .. so I'm certain more comments will follow ;)
Take care .. Cyllene

Top 'o the day to ya Cyllene,
Glad to see you've lasted long enough to make the stretch run. hehheh. Soon you too can be among the ranks of people who are (im)patiently waiting for me to finish the sucka. Hope to hear from ya again when you've reached the end thus far.
Keep readin'.   ....Craig

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