I bid you welcome to my little music page. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please let me know! (ps ~ the addy has been corrected. it actually works now! some days... lol!)

First there's the Mad Season page. Here you will find video stills from the "Mad Season Live at the Moore" video. And some related links.

This is the magazine page. Wonderful people have sent me all sorts of Alice in Chains pictures from various magazines. Enjoy! There's lots of new stuff here...

The video page. Shots from most of the Alice in Chains videos, and whatever else I could get my hands on.

stuff and nonsense

There once was a man named John
Who published a cd of songs
He did it to learn
And maybe to earn
His doctorate after so long.

keep on truckin'


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A fabulous novel being written by Craig Lutke, highly recommended reading!

The End of Destiny, an on-line fantasy novel by Craig Lutke

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An excellent fantasy novel being written by Craig Lutke The End of Destiny

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Check out the animals at Dewlaps Domain

The Dragon Attack Stunt Show - www.stunt-show.com
The Dragon Attack Stunt Show
An action packed stunt show with monsters, explosions,
stunts, comedy, and over 50 sword fights!

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