Cassandra's Curse

You'll never grasp the vastness of the mind,
though all its seething power you can't deny;
leads you through the dream and leaves you blind,
lending hints on which you can't rely.

To fall asleep and hear a starving cry
grants you pictures you can't leave behind
when you wake, no matter how you try,
you'll never grasp the vastness of the mind.

You'd never guess the truth it let you find
about a group of souls who couldn't fly;
impotent to make the scene rewind -
though all it's seething power you can't deny.

The wraith that saw the fire in the sky
(and writhes within the waking hours' bind
can't make a sound now, must to let it lie)
leads you through a dream and leaves you blind.

A flash of color serves you, to remind
of things perceived through sleep's enlightened eye
letting you remember, none too kind,
lending hints on which you can't rely.

They'd understand, if they had heard them die,
how you must spend your nights being resigned
to hearing words which only terrify -
and knowing that a vision undefined

you'll never grasp.

J. Kelton Devito

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