Glossary of Terms
glossary for book one
The End of Destiny  Book 1 - Hero`s Return

Accabashi (ah-kah-BAH-shee) - A clan of the Mendolashe tribe located in Consul.
Aens (EYE-ehns) - Country located in Southeast Mer. It is neatly divided by the Psiatra Mountains.
Ameryst (ah-MAIR-ist) - Capital city of Sondori known for its revelry and carousing environment and made even more famous by the wines pressed from the vineyards located just outside the city.
Ames River, the (ah-MESS) - River which dominates the drowned lands of Grawyn and extends deep into Rivendale. An enormous source of trade transportation between the villages of Eastern Mer, the city of Gisk lies completely in its delta.
Aramari Nightsun (ah-rah-MAH-ree) - Priestess of Meyasha from Two Sands with a strong ability to read other peoples' futures. The ability manifests itself at random times and is generally vague. Carries a long hunting knife.
Bay of Storms, the - Bay of water bordering on the Darellonan Ocean that is the focal point for the hurricanes which continually drench Southern Grawyn.
Black Channel, the - Body of water with an extremely powerful current that separates the continent of Mer and D'Akimar Island.
Black Mountains, the - Mountain range which stretches across the center of Mer, ranging from Consul to Hogun Wrath. It is broken only by the waters of the Moon Sea. Local folklore says that the unnaturally black rock that gives the mountains their name has been stained by Yayenger's blood, which is said to have split the world eons ago.
Braquast (brah-QUAHST) - The God of Darkness and Conquest.
Cassell (KASS-ell) - Owner of The Sinner's Cove. A large man with a short temper.
Consul (CON-sool) - A city near the Southern coast of Mer populated by tribal humans who allow little to no access to the outside world.
Correnandi (kore-ehn-AHN-dee) - A clan of the Mendolashe tribe located in Consul.
Crantin (KRANE-tihn) - A large, split leafed tree growing in the forest of Ravenwood. Citizens of Windsong primarily use the trees for firewood because of the pleasant musky scent it gives off when burned.
Czak Myar (ZAK my-ARR) - The finest troops in the Armies of Mirdas Morgal. They are primarily used for terrorist missions into enemy territories.
D'Akimar Isle (d-AWK-ihm-arr) - Large Island separated from Mer by the Black Channel. The country of Mirdas Morgal claims the entirety of it.
Darellonan Ocean (dah-reh-LON-ahn) - Ocean bordering on the Eastern and Southern coasts of Mer.
Darkwatch - The former society of heroes that defended the world for centuries from the armies of Mirdas Morgal.
Dead River, the - The river which is the sole source of transportation between the cities of Mirdas Morgal and Hellsport on Southern D'Akimar Isle. It is given its name by the white rounded rocks resembling skulls, that line its bottom.
Dealyon Moonsear (day-AHL-ee-on MOON-seer) - A human Druid from Two Sands who is not comfortable around other people, preferring instead to commune with nature. Carries a twisted vine staff.
Deenia (DEEN-ee-ya) - A serving wench at The Sinner's Cove in Two Sands.
Domin (DOE-min) - A unit of measurement on Mer. 1 domin = approx. 1/4 mile.
Druid (DREW-idd) - A race of beings who long ago forsook living among civilization. They are the powerful priests of the God of the World, whose name is unknown to non-Druids. (SeePriest/Priestess)
Dwarves (dih-WAR-vehs) - A race of beings dedicated to the study of the land and its mysteries. They are characterized by their short, stocky stature (about 4 feet) and their dense body muscle.
Elendarellon (ehl-en-DAH-rell-on) - Elven God of Nature and Fear.
Elgion, Lord General (EHL-jun) - Commander of the armies of Hogun Wrath.
Ell (EHL) - Yerracht warrior woman from Ramsport. Carries only a bag of tricks.
Emiriak (ehm-EER-ee-ack) - Warrior leader of the Czak Myar with a personal hatred for Quillion and the companions. Carries the V'cir Blade which gives him as yet undetermined necromantic powers.
Ephirea Krysijar (eh-FEER-ee-uh KREES-ee-yar) - Human archer and mercenary from Ameryst. Has a penchant for flirting and manipulating other's emotions. Carries an enchanted longbow.
Fairies (FARE-ees) - A race of beings said to have been created due to an accident by Elendarellon, the Elven God of Nature. Dedicated to the trees of the world, Fairies are politely tolerated by the other races of Mer because of their mean and mischievous nature. They are characterized by their small bodies (about 2 feet) and leathery wings.
Firemount - A solitary mountain that dominates the landscape North of the Jungon Desert in Silion. Travelers avoid the mountain whenever possible due to the tales of horrible creatures living on its slopes.
Freier (frey-YARE) - Goddess of the Harvest and Sorrow.
First Point - City located in Northeast Aens that is primarily populated by the Dwarven race. It was retaken by the Dwarves from Goblin invaders in the Race Wars of 300 years ago.
Gisk (GHIISK) - Capital City of Grawyn located in the center of the delta of the River Ames. It is a city renowned for its cutthroat nature as primarily thieves and mercenaries populate it. One area of the city is secured by the Merchant Guild who allows safe passage through the city for travelers.
Gnomes (NOHMZ) - A race of beings known as the inventor race of Mer due to their sharp intellect and remarkable feats of science and physics. They are similar to Dwarves in stature, but are a physically frail race compared to their stalwart cousins.
Goblins (GOBB-lihnz) - A race of beings who generally shun all others. This has caused a general mistrust of them by the other civilized races of Mer. They are characterized by their long, droopy ears and their stooped backs.
Grawyn (GRAY-wihn) - Country located in central Mer that is primarily filled with grass and swamplands. It is also home to the heavily trafficked delta to the River Ames.
Gypsyroam (JIPP-see-rohm) - City located in the North-Central part of Sondori. Serves as the focal point for merchant trade between the cities of Northern Mer and D'Akimar isle and the richer cities of Eastern Mer.
Halfling (HAFF-lihng) - A race of beings who are generally known as being devious and underhanded and are the least trusted of the civilized races. They are characterized by their small bodies (about 3 feet) and their inordinately large eyes.
Hand - Unit of measurement on Mer. 1 hand = approx. 6 inches.
Haven (HAY-vehn) - City in Northern Windsong. Home to The Knights of the First Order who strive to maintain the city order, keeping a type of forced paradise.
Hellsport - City located on the Southern coast of Mirdas Morgal. Built on the top of an enormous cliff overlooking the ocean, in order to make it easily defensible.
Hogun Wrath (HO-guhn RATH) - Capital city of Windsong. Located on the northernmost shores of the country. Primary point of defense against attacks from Mirdas Morgal.
Ibidious (eye-BIHD-ee-yus) - God of Revelry and Honor.
Jerrimichia (jehr-ih-mih-CHEE-ah) - A clan of the Mendolashe tribe located in Consul.
Jungon Desert (JUHN-guhn) - A desolate, arid, sandy region located in Southern Silion. It is an area that also teems with hidden life.
Karynys (kah-RIHN-niss) - God of Mischief and Justice.
Kimir (kihm-EER) - A wild pig that lives on the plains of Mer.
Klast Mountains, the (KLAAST) - A mountain range dominating the majority of landscape on D'Akimar Isle. The Druids believe they are actually the northernmost tips of The Black Mountains.
Knights of the First Order, the - Society of knights formed 500 years ago to follow the Darkwatch into battle. After the disappearance of the Darkwatch, the Knights built and populated the city of Haven, creating a sanctuary from where to await the return of the forces of Mirdas Morgal.
Lake Dax (DACKS) - A lake located in central Sondori.
Length - Unit of measurement on Mer. 1 length = 10 strides.
Lizardmen - A race of beings who live in the deserts and warmer climates of Mer. They are commonly mistrusted by the other races of Mer because of their appearance and their reclusiveness, but are likely the most honorable race on the continent. They are characterized by their scaly brown skin and long faces with double lidded, slanted eyes.
Lysinthia Ficklesong (lih-SIN-thee-uh FIKK-ehl-song) - Partial Elven bard hailing from no land who is widely renowned as the finest bard in Windsong. Carries frost daggers and a short sword.
Mael (mye-ALE) - God of Chaos and Life.
Mage (MAY-jeh) - A person who studies the art of shaping the ambient magical energy that surrounds the world. (See Wild Mage)
Malaryn Coldhawk (MAL-uh-rihn) - A human blacksmith and warrior from Two Sands. Carries a longsword and a magical throwing axe.
Masatarstion (mas-ah-TARS-chee-un) - Former member of the Darkwatch.
Melina y'Accabashi (mel-EE-nuh EE ah-kah-BAH-shee) - Barbarian warrior woman of the Accabashi clan in Consul. One of the only female warriors of the tribes of that region. Carries a morningstar.
Mendolashe (mehn-doh-LAH-shay) - A tribe of humans composed of four clans which migrated south from Windsong hundreds of years ago to inhabit the previously abandoned city of Consul. The tribe is composed of four clans: the Accabashi, the Jerrimichia, the Correnandi, and the Miliantara.
Mer (MERR) - The largest body of land in the world.
Merko (MERR-koh) - A trouble making Half-orc from Two Sands.
Meyasha (mey-AH-shuh) - Goddess of Vengeance and Healing.
Miliantara (meel-ee-ahn-TAH-ruh) - A clan of the Mendolashe tribe located in Consul.
Miliara Plains (mihl-ee-AH-ra) - Area of rain-soaked grasslands occupying the majority of the country of Grawyn.
Minda River, the (MEEN-dah) - A river in Northeast Sondori separating the cities of Ameryst and Gypsyroam. It is the only river on Mer with a toll bridge.
Mirdas Morgal (MEER-dus mor-GAL) - Capital of the country of the same name. Located in the center of the Klast Mountains on D'Akimar Island. North of Windsong, it is home to the followers of the God Braquast.
Moon Sea, the - A body of sea water occupying the very center of Mer. It is continuously racked by an unnatural tempest that boils at its center.
Nightrene (nite-REEN) - Goddess of Death and Law.
Oheniies (o-henn-EYE-us) - Elderly sage who knows the location of the book containing the whereabouts of Vormeastion's lair.
Ogre (OH-gerr) - A race of beings who are the seafarers of the world. They are characterized by their unusually large size (about 8 feet) and ankle-length black hair.
Orc (ORK) - A race of beings who have a very feral nature. They are characterized by their low, ridged brows, sallow skin, and no body hair.
Paldane (paal-DAIN) - An island lying in the center of the Moon Sea.
Petyon (PEHT-ee-yon) - Specializing in torture, he is second in command of the Czak Myar.
Plains of Goran, the (goe-RAWN) - The fertile grasslands separating the city of Haven and the forest of Ravenwood.
Preosha Windstone (pray-O-shuh WINED-stone) - Human inventor born in Two Sands and raised by the Gnomes and Dwarves of First Point, she firmly believes she can duplicate all magic tricks with science, given time. Carries a staff filled with hidden surprises.
Priest / Priestess (PREEST / PREEST-ehs) - People who are the focal points of power for their Gods. The Gods choose them at birth and give them a special birth mark that indicates their destiny.
Psiatra Mountains, the (cee-AH-trah) - Mountain range crossing central Aens.
Quillion A'Sirendon (KWIL-yun AH-sihr-EHN-duhn) - Half-elf fighter and mage raised in Rivendale. He is the accepted leader of the companions and is versed in military battle lore. Carries a sword breaker.
Ramsport (RAAMS-port) - Capital city of Aens. Located in the southernmost tip of the country. The people of the city have a reputation throughout Mer as being shrewd traders. A common saying, "Getting the Ramsport share" around Mer means to get the better end of a deal.
Rastier (rah-stee-EHR) - Commonly called Thunder Lizards. An enormous lizard which roams the slopes of the Black Mountains. It is mindless and vicious.
Ravenwood- Forest located in the country of Windsong. Known for its extremely thick and almost impassable foliage. It is rumored by the local population to be haunted due to the significant number of people who disappear into it each season.
Rerit's Walls (REHR-ihts WAHLZ) - City located on the Southernmost shores of Silion. It is a city shrouded in mystery as no one from outside the city has ever told of seeing the inside of the walls. The traders braving the Jungon Desert for the silver the city provides have never seen the faces of its people, as they are constantly clothed in white robes and always cover their faces.
Rikus (RYE-koos) - A captain of the night gate guard for the city of Haven.
Rivendale (RIHV-en-dail) - Secret City of the Elves located deep in the forest of the same name. Legend says that the road leading to it can only be found by the true of heart.
Scintara Everglade (sin-TAR-ah EHV-ehr-glade) - Human thief and former assassin from Two Sands who is notorious for stealing from her traveling companions. Carries a wealth of throwing knives and a bullwhip.
Season - The four seasons of Mer are Summer, Spring, Autumn, and Northhawk. It is also a measurement of time on Mer. 1 season = approx. 1/4 of a year.
Sea's Shine Port - City located on the far Western coast of Windsong. It serves as a haven for the non-human races of Mer who flee from persecution by the humans.
Sendat (Sihn-DAAT) - Title for the leader of a city. A term that has fallen to disuse in recent years.
Shiel Pass (shee-EHL) - The only easily traversible path across the Southern Black Mountains.
Sieronath River, the (see-AIR-o-nath) - River which runs along the Southwestern edge of The Black Mountains. It is the sole source of fresh water for the Mendolashe tribe living in Consul.
Silion (SIHL-ee-yon) - Country located in Southwest Mer. It is primarily occupied by the Jungon Desert, but it is also home to the legendary Firemount.
Sinner's Cove, the - An inn at the center of Two Sands known for its particularly thin selection of drinks.
Snake River, the - A small river located in both Western Windsong and Silion, which outlets to The Moon Sea. It has the distinction of being the only river in the world whose current runs both North and South.
Solitude - A remote, forgotten city located in the Northwest corner of Silion that was generally believed to be left in ruin for several hundred years.
Sondori (sone-DOOR-ee) - The richest country on Mer, it is located on the Northeastern side of the continent. The forest of Rivendale separates it from Windsong.
Sortinst Onitorian, Lord (SOR-tinst oh-nih-TOHR-ree-uhn) - Sorcerer/Warrior who rules Mirdas Morgal and seeks to conquer Mer.
Splinterfist - Capital city of Silion located on the Easternmost borders of the country in the middle of the Jungon Desert. A well placed city for its position in the trading routes between Rerit's Walls and the rest of Mer. It is a city whose population follows strict and obscure codes of honor not fathomed by the rest of the continent. A society of Lizardmen lives under the city.
Stride - A unit of measurement on Mer. A stride is the length for a normal man to take a step. 1 stride = approx. 3 feet.
Sturk - Barkeep at The Sinner's Cove in Two Sands.
Tersiano Kragland (ter-see-AH-no KRAAG-luhnd) - Human Wild Mage from parts unknown who has a taste for wines and meads. Carries a magical crystal staff.
Thimellan (thim-EHL-un) - A Creature of magic who causes mischief wherever he goes.
Three Corners - Three Corners - A city named for its location on the borders of three different countries: Aens, Sondori, and the Rivendale forest. No country has attempted to claim the city in the last 200 years, for every attempt to do so has resulted in a war. The city thrives on the constant merchant trains that pass through it.
Treiegh (TREE-ehg) - An Orcish dish composed of various meats stuffed inside the skin of a tuber native to Southern Windsong.
Trenbryt (TREHN-brite) - God of Order and Compassion.
Trieghe, Sea of (TRY-juh) - Sea bordering the Western coasts of Mer.
Truchen (TRUE-chin) - An uncommon plant growing in the moderate climates of Mer. Its thin, five stalked leaves can be ground and processed into a deadly, debilitating poison.
Tym River, the (TIME) - Dark, dangerous river running along the Eastern side of Ravenwood.
Vormeastion (voor-mee-AS-chee-un) - Hero of legend and a member of the Darkwatch who went into self-imposed exile from the world.
Weth - An assistant to Aramari at her shop in Two Sands.
Wild Mage (MAY-jeh) - A person who, unlike a mage, taps directly into the hidden magical energies of the universe. They are characterized by their whirling, multi-colored eyes and ringing metallic voices. (See Mage)
Windsong - A country on the Northeast side of Mer. Largest country in the known world.
Windsong Lake - The largest lake on Mer. It is located in central Windsong.
Yayenger (YAH-yen-ger) - Dwarven god of Loyalty and Steel. Legends say that his blood, flowing from a battle wound, caused the world to split at its creation.
Yerracht (YEHR-awekt) - A race of beings who are blessed by the Gods with the ability to live with both animals and the civilized races. They are characterized by their ability to morph their bodies into various degrees of human/tiger mixtures.

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