Dave and Renate's Home in the Woods

Inside Dave and Renate's home

looking towards the frontdoor, hallway
looking at the back door
wood burning stove in the corner of the living room
built-in shelves in living room
stained glass window between the living room and den
from the living room looking into the kitchen, with Mom, Renate and Dave
staircase from dining room
the living room from upstairs, with Dad, Sharon and Dashon
from upstairs, looking down into the kitchen
first story bathroom, sink
foot of claw foot bathtub on first floor

Outside views

back of house
second floor deck
porch from the side of the house
from the back porch, looking out
side porch
from the woods, looking at the side of the house
view from the back of the house
off to the side a bit, a view from the back
clever squirrel
view of their backyard
on the side porch meet ~ Ziggy!

The Trees, the Beautiful Trees


pictures of some trees on Dave and Renate's property

tree 1
tree 2
tree 3
tree 4
tree 5
tree 6
tree 7
tree 8
cool hollow log

Wild Woman

I'm not really sure what to call her, but Banshee came to mind, so until I find, or am told her real name, Banshee she is! She's a metal sculpture that just holds onto this tree and looks down on you, so it's difficult to get a well-lit picture! However, I lightened them as best I could without it becoming a distraction. I think!

After much thought I've decided to name her Maggie. May be the proximity to St Pat's day (3/15) but I'm feeling decidedly Irish! lol!

looking up at her wail away!
side view
looking up at her angled
another side view
side view
yet another side view

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