Most of the tales here come from the imagination of Ibidis Mortem, yes the same man who's writing the incredible story ~ The End of Destiny

The extremely talented Antithesis is writing the beautiful story Her Eyes

The newest section of Story Land, The Outskirts, is currently populated by the one and only Deep Thoughts. She's writing some great stories there

Alone no longer, the newest contributor to The Outskirts, is none other than our very own Whispering Hands. A fine tale, as yet unfinished, she has begun to weave

Luckily for us, Plohoie Debushka has contributed two very funny stories - Operation: Under Where? and Operation: Shadow Scare

Rohmer has decided to grace this humble page with a story everyone can relate to - Operation: Kick Corporate Ass

not a phase, dancing pixie, and ligeia (that's me), got together and wrote
Operation: Barbie-Q. And we're still friends!

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