about Street Corner Talking:

the background for Street Corner Talking was originally from Valentine's Manual of Old New York 1855, but it was seen by me in the March/April 1998 issue of Archaeology magazine. Past, present, future ~ it's all connected.....

one of the cool fonts that you see on the first page is called "Burton's Nightmare". I found it while wandering the web one day and I'm hooked! The guys of David and Alex's Font World had some of the nicest, well made and absolutely coolest fonts I've seen! And guess what? They were free!! Always a plus..... These days the webpage is gone, bummer!

if you have any poems that you'd like to see on this page ~ write me! anonymous writings accepted! and I give you my word ~ you will remain anonymous...

all the writings in Street Corner Talking are copyrighted. Do not use these anywhere, without written permission from the author

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